Celebrate Everyday Beauty

Celebrate everyday beauty, victories, and accomplishments. In this fast paced world we often forget to “stop and smell the roses”. The entrepreneur is always on the go, but we should never take for granted why we are on this journey, what we’ve accomplished, and the beauty we have the privilege to see each and every day.

I almost missed this opportunity!

The other morning I was walking across a parking lot in Northern Minnesota and I saw this gorgeous sunrise. My first thought “Oh my gosh where’s my camera?” Then I realized the picture wouldn’t do the scene justice. I told myself “stop, take a breath and just celebrate everyday beauty.”

As small business owners we are often hustling so much we forget to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate everyday beauty, and our professional accomplishments – small and large. To stay invigorated daily take a few minutes and reflect on 3 areas.

Three areas of reflection.

1. Remind yourself why you took the leap to entrepreneurism. Was it to be your own boss and follow your passion? Did you see a void in the market that needed filling? Take a minute to remind yourself why you are hustling. If you don’t think about why you are putting so much effort into your business, enjoyment starts to get replaced by stress and anxiety.
2. Savor your victories. Did you receive a glowing testimonial from a client? Land an unexpected new account? Enjoy the fact that your hard work is paying off.
3. Celebrate everyday beauty. Life is short. When you see a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Take a moment to just breathe and soak it in. Maybe sit down with no work and enjoy an extra cup of coffee or take the dog for a walk. Don’t worry your work will still be there 15 or 20 minutes later.

Don’t forget to Celebrate!

Entrepreneurs work from sun up to sun down. If you’re like me you even dream about your work. You deserve a few minutes to celebrate everyday beauty and all you’ve accomplished.

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