The Customer is Always Right?

customer is always right

The old adage “The customer is always right.” Do you agree or disagree?

As a recovering appeaser, I have used that adage a lot during my career. But over the course of many years I have also learned that you can’t, nor should you try, to make everyone happy.

I do, 100%, believe that every customer deserves to be heard. That means when a customer has a complaint, a suggestion, or a request, I hear them out. But I don’t make a decision right away. An on the spot decision will always be a yes or a no and I haven’t taken the time to actually weigh the pros and cons of what either decision will mean to my business in the long run.

Instead of that on the spot decision I tell the customer I will take the request under consideration and get back with an answer in a specified amount of time. By taking the time to consider what a specific decision means to my business, to this particular customer, and to future customers, my knee jerk yes may change to a no or vice versa. Either way I’ve shown the customer that I’m willing to listen. I also get the peace of mind that I made an educated decision that I can live with.

Giving yourself time to think before you react in most situations should be a key component to your business strategy.

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