The Introvert Side of Sales

The Introvert Side of Sales

Research shows that about 50% of the population are introverts, meaning the other 50% are extroverts. Sales departments don’t seem to acknowledge the introvert side of sales both in the way they utilize their sales force and in how they train salespeople to interact with customers.

By looking at sales strategies solely through the purview of extrovert society a business is under utilizing the unique talents of its introvert sales people. Attributes associated with introverted personality types are well suited to sales. Introverts crave knowledge. Introverts enjoy educating others on products and services they have studied, know, and are passionate about. This feels genuine to the customer. Introverts want to learn about the people they are interacting with. Introvert salespeople ask questions and they are terrific listeners. That is how they learn what a customer truly wants. Finding the product/service that best fits each customer leads to more satisfied customers.

A classic sales acronym is “ABC”, always be closing. A hard close is uncomfortable for an introvert. Do sales people really want to alienate 50% of their customers? Introvert customers don’t like to make snap decisions. They like discussion and they prefer to take time to think about what they’ve learned prior to making a final decision.

An alternative to a hard close could go like this: “From what we’ve discussed it sounds like product X will best fit your needs. I can go ahead and get the paperwork started on that today.” Then pause for 3 – 5 seconds. If the customer does not say yes, go right into a close for an introvert: “Or we can agree to meet tomorrow after you’ve had time to think about what we just discussed. We can meet in the morning or afternoon. Which is best for you?”

By moving to an introverted close, the sales person is showing respect for the customer’s personality type.

The most effective sales teams will be comprised of a healthy mix of introverts and extroverts. Sales departments should implement time and energy to truly utilize the unique talents of both personality types.

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