The To Do List vs. The Not Do List

America loves lists.  We love to make lists.  We love checking items off of our lists.  Often though, our lists are full of tasks that are no more than time fillers.  These tasks do not support any strategic goal. 

In order to be successful both businesses and individuals must set strategic goals.  Then to attain these goals a specific timeline of tasks is required.  The accomplishment of each gets you closer to meeting your objective.

Making 50 sales calls per week, but making them to wrong customers.  Sending your resume out for every job opening you are remotely qualified to do.  Both of these are examples of filling your day with tasks that don’t fit a defined goal. 

Instead, if the strategic goal of your company is to promote repeat business, make as many calls as you can to current customers.  Find out what they like about your product/service.  Find out what they would like to see changed.  Corporations, give your sales department time to assemble this customer feedback.  Then take the time to listen to what the customers had to say and act on that information.  Keep the good and change the bad.  Salespeople, go back out to your current customers and relate how your company is listening to them, the customer.  All of the steps above support the company’s priority of increasing repeat business.

If you are an individual looking for a job, decide on a definitive career path.  What have you done in the past that you love?  Then focus your resume and your job search to that specific career area.  You will be more excited to search for this job you enjoy and that enthusiasm will shine through during interviews.

The bottom line, both organizations and individuals need defined goals.  Only then can tasks be assigned to support the accomplishment of those goals.  If a time consuming task does not support the main goal: Do Not Do It!